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Camping light: L70930

Technical Specifications

LED:                                   1pc LG3535
Lumen Output:                500lm
Light Mode:                       LED light (100% lighting, 50% lighting); Lantern light (90/180/360-degree lighting);
Mosquito Repellent Light; and Warning light
Runtime:                            LED light (100% lighting:8h, 50% lighting:13h); Lantern light (90°:12h, 180°:9h, 360°:6h);
Mosquito Repellent Light:10h; Warning light:12h
Beam Distance:                118m
Material:                            PC + Silicone
Water resistance:             IP66
Impact Resistance:         1 meter
Battery:                              1*Built-in 21700 Battery, 4000mAh (Rechargeable)
Input port:                        Type C port for charging
Output port:                     Type B port for power bank function
Dimension:                      48*140mm
Net Weight:                      190 g


Model: L70930
LED: LG3535
Output: 320 lumen
Light Mode: led light(100% 50%), COB light (90/180/360), mosquito repellent light, warning light
Runtime: 8/13/12/9/6/10/12h
Housing material: PC+SILICONE
Water resistance: IP66
Impact resistance: 1METERS
Charging port: type C
Battery: 21700 4000mAh
Dimension: 5.6inch in length
Net weight: 190g


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