About Us

Skywoods is diligently devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction, product integrity, great quality, and product safety. We take the needs of our customers into account when producing our products. From amateurs to professional technical divers, our products serve a wider range of customers. 

A wide variety of lamps made and sold by SKYWOODS are intended to satisfy the demands of the majority of people. We have established a complete system that includes channel distribution and after-sales rules to better serve our customers. As we strive for careful efficiency, we will keep improving our engineering, utilizing new materials, and advancing manufacturing techniques. Our goal is to research, develop, and create lighting products continuously. As a result, SKYWOODS guarantees its 2-year warranty with absolute assurance.



Research & Development


SKYWOODS is a company that produces and sells light. the lights are designed to meet the needs of most people. The company is dedicated to providing good service to its customers. To achieve this, SKYWOODS has put in a place a system that includes channel distribution and after-sales rules.
The company aims to be efficient in its operations and always looking to improve its engineering, materials, and manufacturing techniques.
The ultimate goal is to continue researching, developing, and creating new lighting products.


SKYWOODS is always looking for new materials that can be used to make better lights. This includes materials that are more durable, more energy-efficient and more sustainable. by using better materials, SKYWOODS can create products that last longer and are better for the environment.

Research and Development

SKYWOODS is dedicated to researching and developing new lighting products. This involves conducting research to identify customer needs and preferences, as well as exploring new technologies and materials. By continuously researching and developing new products, SKYWOODS can stay ahead of the competition and offers its customers the latest and greatest in lighting technology.