Remote Pressure Switch (L70192)

Technical Specifications

LED:                                       1*XF-S2
Output:                                  1250 Lumens
Light Mode:                          High, Strobe
Runtime:                               2.4H
Lux:                                        High ≥12000Lux
Beam Angel:                         11.4deg
Beam Distance:                    High≥240M
Housing Material:                aluminum alloy
Water Resistance:               IP66
Impact Resistance:             1m
Battery:                                 1*18650 Battery(incl) 2200mAh
Dimensions:                        Φ28*133mm
Included:                              a remote switch
Net Weight:                         150g(with battery)


1)1*SST20 light chip supports brightness up to 1250 lumens with a beam distance of 190m.
2)The entire housing of this tactical flashlight is made of grade III anodized aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is IP66 waterproof.
3) Quick Installation/Removal: Equipped with removable offset device with thumbscrew. The package also includes an Allen wrench that can be used to remove the offset device.
4) Powered by non-rechargeable 2*CR123 batteries, supports 1250 lumens in high brightness mode for 1.5h.
5) 2 Types of Switches:
1. Tail Switch: Press to turn on the light. High Mode ->Strobe ->Close. It can be operated with one hand.
2. Remote Pressure Switch: The remote end of the pressure switch can open the high/strobe instantaneous mode. Near end: High Brightness ->Strobe ->Off.


Packing Accessories

Packing Accessories

1x Tactical Light
1x Remote Pressure Switch
1x Tail switch
2x Velcro
1x Allen Wrench
2x CR123 batteries
1x Landyard
48 PCS/master carton
12 PCS/inner carton
Gross weight: 17.2kgs
Dimension: 41.5x36x37cm

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