Technical Specifications

LED Chip:                     1*5050-10W-LED + 1* Laser
Brightness:                   100% White Light:1200 Lume
Light Mode:                  100% White Light, 100% White Light + Laser, Laser
Runtime:                       100% White Light:2.5H, 100% White Light + Laser:2.5H, Laser:70H
Lux:                                   6500LUX
Light Effect:                    Spotlight
Beam Distance:              160m
Battery:                            2*CR123A Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
Housing Material:         Aluminum Alloy
Waterproof:                    1PX4
Impact Resistance:       1m
Dimension:                     88*39*38MM
Net Weight:                    148.7g(with battery)

  • 1) High-quality LED light chip supports gun light brightness up to 1200 lumens.
  • 2) Internal penetrating laser: Allows accurate targeting and is clearly visible both day and night. The laser is adjusted using the hexagonal spanner included in the package. The laser and white light can be switched on simultaneously.
  • 3) Single-hole adjustable rail clip: 2cm-2.2cm. can be adjusted with the micro screwdriver included in the package.
  • 4) Usage:
  1. Front Rotary Switch: Green Laser(Left), White Light + Green Laser(Middle), White Light(Right)
  1. CONSTANT ON press the rotary switch fully to the right.
  2. CONSTANT STROBE: press twice quickly to the right to turn on the instantaneous strobe, then press the rotary switch fully to lock the strobe.
  1. MOMENTARY ON: press the rotary switch to the left.
  2. MOMENTARY STROBE: press the rotary switch twice to the left
Accessories Included

Accessories Included

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