Weapon Mount Light: L52160

Technical Specifications

Product model:                              L52160
LED:                                                1*XPL-V6 LED
Output:                                           High 500LM
Suggested output:                        high 600LUMENS
Light mode:                                  high, strobe
Run Time:                                     1.5H/5H
Suggested Run Time:                 2H/5H
Lux:                                               High 1M ≥3400Lux
Color temp:                                  5700-7000k
Beam Angel:                                12deg
Housing Material:                     aluminum alloy
Beam Distance:                         High≥116M
Beam Intensity:                        3400 cd
Light System:                           Parabola reflector
Light effect:                              Focus only
Battery:                                     1*16340 750mAh li-ion battery
Max power:                              5w
Waterproof:                             IPX6
Impact resistance:                  1m
Dimension:                              32.6*29.5*62.5mm
Net weight:                              74.5g with battery
optional battery:                    3.7V 16430 li-ion


1) 1*XF-S2 light chip supports brightness up to 700 lumens with a beam distance of 180m.
2) Made of grade III anodized Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with perfect waterproof and shockproof.
3) Open the waterproof rubber sleeve at the end of the light to find the USB charging hole.
Tactical flashlight with charging indicator:
1. When charging, the charging indicator will show red.
2. When fully charged, the charging indicator will show green.
4) 4-hole adjustable mounting rail Clamp. Exquisite and small size is widely used for the installation of pistol flashlights.
5) Built-in 16340 650mAh Li-ion battery supports 700 lumens continuous lighting for 1.5h.
6) Both switches can control the light. Press once to start the Steady mode, and long press for 1.5s to start the Strobe mode.
7) Tips: When using strobe mode, if you do not want to turn on the light and still use strobe mode next time, please long press 1.5s to turn off strobe mode.

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