Sita Angela


Sita Angela
SSI Divemaster & Extended Range Instructor
Co-Founder of Project Laut

Technical Diving

Sita Angela is a seasoned diver renowned for her proficiency in advanced decompression techniques, extended range sidemount diving, and dedication to marine conservation. She is the co-founder of Project Laut, a program based in Nusa Penida that focuses on marine conservation and divemaster training. Sita has played a crucial role in nurturing beginners into proficient divers, and her enthusiasm for teaching is evident in every session she conducts. She is committed to upholding rigorous standards in diving training at Project Laut, a source of pride for her.

In addition, Sita initiated a sister project called “Project Deep” with the aim of instructing female technical divers and supporting their growth in a predominantly male-dominated field. This endeavour reflects her commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the diving community.

Teaching Philosophy:

Diving is not just about the thrill; it’s about understanding the science, respecting the marine ecosystem, and mastering the skills. With thorough teaching and consistent practice, Sita believes every diver can achieve excellence.

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