Luther Kampong


Luther Kampong
Scuba Diving Instructor
Manado, Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

Luther is an underwater critter Lexicon. Whatever you find he will know the name of it. Start Diving in 2006 when he was working as a Pool boy in a Resort. In 2007 he transfers in the same Resort to the Diving Department and start working as a Dive Guide. The passion to the Ocean is in the Family. His Father already been a Fisherman who spent every day in and on the Ocean. He and his two Brothers are growing up with the Ocean and finally all of them get in the Diving Business. Luther became an SSI Instructor in 2018 and is worked his way up to the Level of an Assistant Instructor Trainer!


  • SSI (Scuba School International) Assistant instructor Trainer


Luther is Teaching on all different Levels from Basic Divers until Specialty Instructor. He is in really like to teach beginner courses but also love to teach Professionals as Dive Guides. Luther can teach in Bahasa Indonesia and in English and have a great way to interact with children.

Teaching Philosophy:

Make each Training Session as Interactive as possible to give the best possible experience to the Student

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