Jericho Kua


Jericho Kua was born in the Philippines, a freediving and scuba diving instructor, who grew up in the Bicol region near the coastal area, with the sea as a part of his life since he was a little kid.

Jericho is a fun, active, and adventurous person. He started his first scuba diving experience in 2011 and spends most weekends hiking and camping. He even began creating travel videos and was featured in ‘Seventyone Magazine,’ an online travel magazine platform that showcases tourism and beaches around the Philippines.



Fast forward to 2020, he decided to pursue his diving journey seriously out of passion to share the beauty and peace of the underwater world. In 2021, he completed his instructor course in Mabini, Batangas, Philippines.

His passion for diving didn’t stop there; he also trained to master freediving, ultimately deciding to take the Instructor course at the world’s biggest freediving gathering/event, DEEP WEEK, held in Phuket, Thailand. He successfully completed the course in the same year.

Jericho loves photography and videography. He showcases his vision in underwater videography on his Instagram account, ‘boy.and.sea,’ which focuses on buoyancy:


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Jericho was also featured on national television, GMA7, as the Philippines celebrated its title as the best diving destination in Asia:

GMA7 Link:


Now, armed with all the experience and skills he has acquired, he continues to inspire people to try and experience the underwater world while having fun.

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