Steven Ng


Steven Ng (Malaysian)
PADI Instructor and Dive Center Owner
Oceanic Quest Brunei
PADI 5 Star IDC Center
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Since 1994, Steven has started his following to his passion and started his Open Water. Then in 1995, he was offered to invest in a Dive Center in Kuala Lumpur which he accepted and he has been passionately diving ever since till this day. He is also the founder of Reef Check Brunei (RCB) which is an NGO that does Ocean Conservation.

As Oceanic Quest is in Brunei and famous for Deep and Wreck diving will be an opportunity to be Skywoods’s Ambassador to use a reliable and trusty light.



Steven Ng has been a professional since 1995 and has won several awards like:

  • PADI 25 years’ service award 2020
  • PADI Outstanding Contribution to Diver Acquisition 2012
  • PADI Outstanding Contribution to Continuing Diver Education 2013
  • PADI Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry 2022

Steven has been an avid photographer and some videography and he believes that pictures and videos will play a significant part to promote in social media platforms for the company. For the best effect with the best result will require a good set of photography equipment and lights.

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