Roihan Ang


Roihan Ang
Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia

Qualification In Recreational Diving
* PADI Course Director
* Outstanding Contribution in PADI Instructor Development year 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022

Qualification in Technical Diving

  • PADI & IANTD Tech Instructor
  • IANTD Cave Instructor
  • Razor Official Sidemount Instructor
  • Liberty Sidemount CCR Diver
  • Choptima Chestmount CCR Diver

Roihan is actively teaching both Recreational and Technical and cave diving courses in Sipadan & Mabul Island, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia.

Besides that, Roihan is an experienced Instructor who loves exploring caves and deep diving In South East Asia. He is currently involved in many cave & deep diving expeditions and explorations. His passion for cave & deep diving made him one of the youngest explorers in the region. He is also the current Malaysia Book of Records Holder for the deepest scuba dive.

Roihan’s long-term future is to learn and gain experiences from the diving pioneer so that he can share the knowledge and skill with the next generation of scuba divers

His teaching philosophy is to keep learning and exploring new techniques to provide better & safer cave & deep diving courses.

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